dvr usa - No return and terrible customer service

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Ordered surveillance cameras the dvr does not work been trying to get a response from the supplier and shopnbc claim they are handling it well has been 4 weeks nothing has happen I still have the same nonworking dvr with my cameras up on the house I will never order from shopnbc again I am.Customer service they are rude and do not care what the issue is I got something to fix that they will never get another dime from me again.

Just telling others that are thinking about ordering do not you will be sorry.Eveyone should stop ordering from them.

Dvr usa

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I purchased a stand alone 16 channel dvr from this compny several months ago.The remote stopped working in November of 2009.

I called the company and provided my warantee information, got a rmi number, retuned the remote, and never recived my replacement unit. I called not less than 20 times and sent dozens of emails with the same response of " your unit is going out today" three months later i have recieved anything. I have also had several issues with the quality of the unit for remote internet access.

.in my opinion i would stay away from this company regardless of the product if you cannot repair it.

Review about: Stand Alone 16Ch Dvr.



There are a lot of companies going by similar names to DVR-USA, so make sure to check who you're dealing with, folks. That little hypen makes a big difference. ;)

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